The English Teacher Melanie Podcast (Listening Lessons)

What is the secret to listening in English>

understanding spoken English + understanding vocabulary

What is a podcast?

This is a short .mp3 file you can listen to on your computer, phone, iPod, or tablet. You can listen to it here on my website, download it from my website or iTunes [coming soon], or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Each .mp3 file is a listening & pronunciation lesson. It is short so that you can listen to the lessons over and over again.


The Story

The first part of the podcast is a short story about something that happened to me in my daily life in Canada. I use mainly core vocabulary.

Any words or expressions that are not part of the core vocabulary are defined in the reference vocabulary section after the transcript. I also list any collocations & phrasal verbs used in the story.

I speak at a slower-than-normal speed, but I try to speak naturally. I speak as I would normally speak to friends and family: I contract, link, & reduce, and I speak with a standard American accent.


The Pronunciation Lesson

Often when English learners think they have a problem listening to English, they really have a pronunciation problem. In the pronunciation section, I explain in more detail something I said in the story.


If you have trouble understanding spoken English & need help with your listening skills, try this activity: How to practice listening.



001 – “Stars on Ice” [Pronunciation: how to pronounce 'figure' by itself & in a compound noun]

020 – “The Must-Have Christmas Present!” [Pronunciation: how to pronounce 'been']

019 – “Library Books!” [Pronunciation: the weak form of 'to' ]

018 – “I Can’t Get Enough of Twilight!” [Pronunciation: when 'ti' is pronounced 'sh' /ʃ/ ]

017 – “An Afternoon at the Opera!” [Pronunciation: the / dʒ / sound]

016 – “A Dilemma on Thanksgiving!” [Pronunciation: how stress can change the meaning of a word]

015 – “Baby Gifts!” [Pronunciation: How to pronounce the -sts consonant cluster]

014 – “Shopping at the Mall!” [Pronunciation: How to pronounce 'clothes']

013 – “The Licence Plate!” [Pronunciation: how to say 'convenience']

012 – “53 Years!” [Pronunciation: How to say 'anniversary']

011 – “Let’s Go to The Ex!” [Pronunciation: how to pronounce the 'th' sounds]

010 – “The Bathroom!” [Pronunciation: the vowel r 'er' sound in an unstressed syllable]

009 – “The Laundromat!” [Pronunciation: the vowel r 'er' sound]

008 – “The Chair!” [Pronunciation: how to say 'comfortable']

007 – “The Soccer Game!” [Pronunciation: linking consonant sounds]

006 – “At the Hospital” [Pronunciation: Reduction - the weak/unstressed form of 'and']

005 – “Chocolate Apples” [Pronunciation: when 'gh' is pronounced /f/]

004 – “Sex and the City 2!” [Pronunciation: 7 French words used in English]

003 – “Thor to the Rescue!” [Pronunciation: when 'qu' is pronounced /kw/]

002 – “The Worst Bus Ride. Ever!” [Pronunciation: how to pronounce the letter 'x']