Follow the Olympics in English!

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One of my study tips on how to become fluent in English is to make English a part of your life. Whatever you do during the day, do it in English!

Following the Olympics is a great example of this! If you are excited about the Olympics and enjoy watching Olympic sports on TV, then do it in English!



The 30th Summer Olympics begin in London, England on July 27. Here are some resources that you might find useful.


Learn About the Olympics in English

The Official London 2012 website has a schedule of all the events, a list of all the countries participating, information about each sport, and much, much more!

English Club has an excellent section called The Olympics Zone. There are tons of activities so make sure you check it out!

The Official website of the Olympic Movement has information on ALL the Olympics.

The BBC has two great websites dedicated to the Olympics:
BBC Sports – London 2012
World Olympic Dreams – For the past year, the BBC has followed aspiring Olympians as they compete for a spot in the Olympics

Learn how to say the names of ALL 36 sports that are part of the Summer Olympics with this pronunciation video!

In 2010, Vancouver, Canada hosted the Winter Olympics. I wrote two articles about it:
Vocabulary Spotlight on: The Olympics
Reading: The Olympic Torch Relay


Follow The Olympics on Social Media

The London 2012 website has a ‘Social Media Dashboard‘! It has all the London 2012 social media accounts in one place, including hashtags and tweets!

The Olympics
London 2012
The Canadian Olympic Team
The US Olympic Team
Team Great Britian

The Olympics
London 2012
The Canadian Olympic Team
The US Olympic Team
Team Great Britian
A list of the official Twitter feeds for all 36 sports!

The Olympics
London 2012

If you would like to find the website & social media sites of other English countries, just type “Australian Olympic team” or “Irish Olympic team,” for example, into a search engine.


Watch the Olympics in English

If you live in one of 64 countries in Asia or sub-Saharan Africa, you can watch the Olympics live on YouTube! It is only available in countries where no channel has paid for the rights to show the Olympics on TV.

If there is an English-language sports or news channel (like the BBC World Service, or CNN International) in your country, check its schedule to see if you can watch some Olympic events on that channel.

At this time I cannot find any international websites that will be live streaming Olympics events on the internet. If I find anything, I will post it here!


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