American Slang – 5 Things You Can Say About Extreme Sports!

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Big air.

Slang isn’t really something you can teach or study. It usually just comes naturally. However, if you’re into sports, or you spend a lot of time watching American TV shows and movies, or listening to American music, you’ve probably heard a few strange words that you can’t find in a dictionary. Here’s an explanation of some slang used in the world of extreme sports.


1. Sick. Ill. Dope. Sweet. (adjectives)

= differet ways of saying awesome, cool, or amazing.
*also used by young people outside the world of extreme sports

His style is so ill.

The X Games is the place to show off sick new tricks!

I bought some sweet gear for the slopes this season!

That new Drake song with Rihanna is dope!

*Be careful! Dope (adjective) = cool; dope (noun) = marijuana (a drug)!

2. Gnarly (adjective)

= awesome, extreme, outstanding, impressive

This is going to be the gnarliest Games yet!

Did you see that double backflip? It was gnarly!

Guys are going to be pulling off some gnarly stuff!

3. Stoked. Amped. (adjectives)

= excited, enthusiastic ready-to-go, fired up, pumped
*also used outside the world of extreme sports

I’m so amped to be at the X-Games.

I’m stoked to be competing in the X-Games this year.

4. A rush. (noun)

= an adrenaline rush (a surge of energy and energy), a high, a thrill

I’m stoked to go snowboarding this weekend. It’s such a rush!

What a rush! Let’s do that again.

5. To shred. (verb)

= to snowboarding aggressively; ‘shredding’ is moving the snowboard from one edge of the board to the other down the hill
*also sometimes used to talk about skiing, surfing, skateboarding, or BMX

That girl can shred.

I’d rather be shredding.

As always when using slang, know your audience! These things are OK when you’re talking with your friends, but you’ll look silly saying ‘dope’ or ‘sick’ or ‘I’m stoked’ in the middle of a business meeting or meeting your boyfriend’s parents!

Do you know any slang used to talk about sports?


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